"Tesla" adds a new feature to the system "automatic driver" to change the traffic lane automatically

Last year, US electric car maker Tesla added more of its semi-autonomous driving system known as Navigate On Auto Pilot to its cars.

The company added a new feature allowing its vehicles to exit the exit required when driving on free roads or crossing intersections based on road data entered into the navigation system in the car.

The Motor Trend website said that while the driver in the car changed the traffic temperature according to road conditions and the speed of traffic, the driver had to turn on the appropriate traffic signal when moving from one lane to another. Now, the driver will not need to intervene as he can adjust the settings of the lane change feature so that it will be turned on automatically.

This week, Tesla has launched the "driver update" application to add new features. One of the new settings is the "Require hot change confirmation" feature, and the driver chooses the "No" option until the automatic lane change feature is activated.

The driver can also activate the voice warning feature before changing the traffic lane. For Tesla cars manufactured before August 2017, the steering wheel can vibrate as a means of alerting the driver that the car will change.

Finally, the driver can ask the vehicle to activate the semi-automatic command system known as Navigate On-the-Mobile each time while driving to a specific location that is inserted through the system screen thanks to the "start-up on each trip" feature.

Tesla pointed out that its cars had more than 66 mph using Navigator on Auto Pilot and more than 9 million traffic changes were made while driving using modern technology.

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