Trump and Netanyahu .. A coalition of personal interests destroys the future of Israeli-Palestinian peace

According to the latest report on the US peace plan, called the "Deal of the Century", US president Donald Trump's team of his brother-in-law and his first adviser on "peace plan" Jared Kouchner, Trump's special envoy for international negotiations Jason Greenblatt, and Ambassador Trump in Israel, David Friedman, They are all religious Jews who have supported settlement movements in the past, looking to the middle of the next June 2019 to unforgivable the long-awaited deal.

International media reported last week that Kouchner, Greenblatt and Freedman had decided to publish the plan to coincide with the 71st anniversary of the Palestinian Nakba and Israel's "belief that the six weeks separating Israeli election Day (9 April) and 15 May (the anniversary of the Palestinian Nakba ) Will suffice to win a fifth round and be able to form a right-to-center government by this date, but electoral developments have changed the picture somewhat, knowing that the Trump administration is confident that Netanyahu will win, but he will win less than he expected last week, which will make The composition of the government is more complex, and therefore may have to be more time- ".

The administration of President Trump has taken several consecutive steps to serve and strengthen Netanyahu's campaign to win a fifth round since the announcement of the early Israeli elections at the end of 2018 last year (some six months ahead of schedule), among these steps, to end aid to the Palestinians Almost entirely, and "merging" The American consulate in Jerusalem, which has sponsored diplomatic affairs with the Palestinians for many years, and in February last month organized a conference in the Polish capital of Warsaw brought to it more than sixty countries , including some Arab countries along with Netanyahu (who appeared presiding talks Arab leaders taking advantage of the conference as an electoral platform), after which Trump declared his recognition of Israeli sovereignty over the occupied Syrian Arab Golan,ending on Monday (8 April 2019) (ie one day before the elections) where Trump announced the status of the "Iranian Revolutionary Guard" on the terrorism list, serving Netanyahu's fortunes in the Israeli elections, according to former US negotiator of the Palestinian- Israeli peace talks, Martin Indyk.

Netanyahu owed Sunday to annex the occupied West Bank or parts of it, putting the US administration in front of the option of abandoning 50 years of traditional US policy that the West Bank was considered occupied territory, and that it (and East Jerusalem) was a land dedicated to achieving Israeli-Palestinian peace on the basis of a solution Two.

Experts and observers considered Trump's recognition on Israel's sovereignty over the occupied Golan on 25 March last year as encouraging Netanyahu to build on his intention to include at least parts of the West Bank, "with the tacit support of his strong ally President Trump. recognition of Israel's sovereignty over the Golan Heights to the transfer of the United States Embassy to Jerusalem, Trump Netanyahu cave the political cover and legal legitimacy necessary to adopt a stance that critics say will lead to an end to the dream of an effective Palestinian state, "said Martin Indyk.

From the experts' point of view, Trump's moves are not just temporary gestures that a US president or an Israeli leader can cancel in the future, but political changes, "permanently transformed the disputed landscape in the Middle East and made his avowed goal of a peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians More achievable than ever "Indyk said in an interview with the New York Times Tuesday 9/4/2019.

Indyk, the former US Ambassador to Israel (President Clinton's reign), who tried to negotiate an agreement between the Palestinians and Israel during the administration of Barack Obama, says, "They are talking about a peace plan (the deal of the century) but we have never seen it ... What we see are new realities on the ground that make the two-state solution impossible. "

Both the White House and the Foreign Ministry denied on Monday (8 April 2019) to comment on Netanyahu's comments on the annexation of the West Bank, and the absence of any tweets commented by Trump's envoy for international negotiations Jason Greenblatt, who comments on Twitter on every small and large of Israel, and on Of Palestinian officials, what the experts considered to be a sign of acceptance through silence.

Some believe that the US silence on Netanyahu's annexation of the West Bank "partially reflects concerns about speaking out on a diplomatic diplomatic issue on the eve of Israeli elections, but also reveals to what extent Trump became the largest advocate of Netanyahu," according to the New York Times.

"For Trump, who spoke about the mediation of the century / Palestinian-Israel deal, Netanyahu's aggressive move could have been a long-term problem," says Marc Landler of the New York Times. There is no clear alternative to a two-state solution, but its prospects seem bleak. If Netanyahu is elected again and has implemented his declaration to annex the Palestinian territories, this will force the United States to abandon a diplomatic strategy dating back to President Richard Nixon.

Netanyahu reported that he was implicitly supported by Trump to annex Jewish settlements in the occupied West Bank, where he told Israeli media early in the week that the White House was aware of his plans and said he was bound to "do so, if possible, with US support, "stressing that he would not change his position regarding considering the reaction of the United States.

Washington's silence has shown that Netanyahu will not receive any reprimand, for every step of Netanyahu's difficult election campaign to stay in power, Trump tried to help him, with Trump's announcement about the occupied Syrian Golan last month at a critical moment, when Netanyahu faced a rather strong opponent, along with acquaintances A new disadvantage to Netanyahu related to corruption cases against him, and the Trump announced on Monday that the State Department will classify the Iranian Revolutionary Guard as a foreign terrorist organization to give Netanyahu more benefits, which he paid to thank the American president in a tweet on Twitter in Hebrew on / keep The world is safe from Iranian aggression and terrorism / ".

The former US envoy, Dennis Ross, believes that if Netanyahu does his pledge to annex the West Bank or parts of it, he will effectively bury the prospect of peace with the Palestinians and stay on Israel as a democratic state, which could be one day lead to the Jewish state being held responsible for about 2.7 million Palestinians, "which puts them in front of a choice of two: to give them full rights, which will of course lead to the temporary loss of Israel's Jewish character, or the denial of those rights, and thus the loss of Israel's identity as a democratic state. "

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