Weak turnout in the Israeli elections

Israeli elections, which take place at 7:00 am on Tuesday, have been reliably weak compared to recent years, prompting various parties to appeal to the public to vote.

According to the latest statistics, the voting rate until 4:00 pm reached 42.8%, compared with 45.4% at the time of the 2015 elections and 51.8% of the 1999 elections.

It was noted that the Arab community within the Green Line is the most declining, reaching only 20%, and it was found that some polling stations did not reach more than 5 people to vote.

These circumstances led the Israeli parties to appeal to the public to ask them to go to the polls to participate and vote.

Likud leader Benjamin Netanyahu held an emergency meeting of his party to discuss the issue. He went to the Tel Aviv beach and invited the public out of the water to participate and vote, especially since the beaches of Tel Aviv witnessed a great demand by Israelis for recreation.

A blue-white coalition led by Benny Gantz held a similar meeting, directing the same call to the public. All right-wing parties and some left-wing parties such as Labor and Meretz called on the public for the same call.

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