Hebron: Students from al-Nahda school have been suffocated by liquefied gas inhalation

A number of students of the al-Nahda Basic school were suffocated on Monday by the firing of poisonous gas canisters by the Israeli occupation forces into the students and teaching staff in the southern area of ​​Hebron.

According to local sources, the Israeli occupation forces fired poison gas at the al-Nahda Basic school, injuring a number of school students who had been suffocated and treated in the field, and the teacher Majid al-Jamal, and the ear Shaker al- Atrash, were also injured and transferred to Hebron hospitals for treatment.

The 11 schools in the southern region are daily subjected to provocations by settlers and the occupation army, and poisonous gas canisters are usually fired at schools and the educational process is disrupted.

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