Flood toll in Iran rises to 70

The death toll from floods that have flooded vast areas of Iran in the past two weeks has risen to 70, the official IRNA news agency reported on Friday.

"The floods left 791 wounded, 45 of them still in hospitals," IRNA quoted the official of Iran's emergency organization, Pir Hussein Kuliwand, as saying.

He said the worst-hit areas were the southern province of Fars, which killed 23 people.

Floods and torrential rains have swept much of Iran since 19 March.

A first wave of flooding hit northeastern Iran on March 19, followed by a second wave that swept through the west and southwest of the country on March 25, killing 45 people.

The west and south-west of Iran experienced a third wave on 1 April when heavy rains returned to the area.

The government said the floods had damaged some 12,000 km of roads or 36 percent of the country's road network.

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