Netanyahu talks about the practical steps he has taken to separate Gaza from the West Bank

 Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has spoken in the past two days about his overt plans to land Gaza from the West Bank.

Before the Israeli elections on January 9, Netanyahu did not hesitate to go to the media from one newspaper to another and from a television channel to the second, to talk about many issues, and focus on his plan, which he politically politically in separating Gaza from the West Bank.

In an interview with Israel Hume newspaper close to him, Netanyahu said he did not want to re-occupy and control Gaza. Indicating that he was able to sever the link between Gaza and the West Bank and became two separate entities, and this is good for Israel.

"This is what Abu Mazen brought to himself. He did not divert money. I think he will ignite the fire in Gaza, and we will defeat Gaza by wasting blood, and with the blood and blood of Israel will come and receive Gaza on a silver platter.

"We do not pay the money to Gaza after Abu Mazen dropped it, Qatar is the one who pays, I prevented Abu Mazen from carrying out his plan, Gaza was cut off from the West Bank and anyone who believes that there will be a Palestinian state surrounds us from both directions. .

He stressed that if Israel were to occupy Gaza completely, it would never hand over to Abu Mazen. Pointing out that Hamas also lives in crisis and financial distress, and that Israel does not care about it, but what it means is to resolve the humanitarian crisis because of its effects on Israel.

Turning to the American peace plan called the "Deal of the Century," he told US President Donald Trump and the plan's leaders that he had three conditions: Israel's control of the area west of the Jordan River, the division of Jerusalem and the evacuation of any one Jew from the West Bank Including settlements outside the settlement blocs, and that it would not relinquish the future sovereignty of the West Bank.

In an interview with Channel 13, Netanyahu expected to get Trump's recognition of Israel's sovereignty over the West Bank as he did in the Golan Heights.

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