Education: Seven Palestinian Innovations to Intel Worldwide soon

The Ministry of Education and Higher Education has announced that seven student innovations have been accepted. The State of Palestine will be represented at the ISEF in the United States in May.

This came during a festive ceremony organized by the Ministry on Thursday to announce the results of the Palestine Science and Technology Fair of 2019 in its tenth edition, under the patronage and participation of the Minister of Education and Higher Education Sabri Sidem.

Also participating in the announcement of honor were Undersecretary of the Ministry Bazri Saleh, Assistant Undersecretary for Higher Education Ehab Al Qubaj, President of Al-Nayzak Foundation for Education and Scientific Creativity Aref Al-Husseini, winner of the title of the best teacher in the world Hanan Haroub, Nusseibeh, representatives of countries supporting the education sector, UNRWA and partner institutions, in the presence of a number of directors-general, directors of higher education, participating schools, exhibition organizers, students and parents and a host of educational families.

The Minister and the educational family conducted a tour inside the exhibition; they were briefed on the projects of the creative students in the fields of engineering, science and technology. The number of projects that competed at the level of the country reached 1355 projects from the West Bank and Gaza Strip. 68 projects.

In this context, Siddam stressed that this exhibition represents the pride of Palestine. It honors students, celebrates their creativity and appreciates the teachers and initiators who represent the spirit of excellence, creativity and dedication despite all the difficulties and obstacles that the occupation is the biggest.

He stressed that the ministry will continue to achieve more achievements in all international forums, calling the first seven centers that will represent Palestine at the Intel World Expo; to make every effort to raise the name of Palestine and achieve high ranks in this global participation.

"We thank this distinguished constellation of our students, who raise the level of hope and optimism in the Palestinian people at a time when the occupation and its collaborators are trying to uproot this people and liquidate its cause," he said, stressing that the choice of science and knowledge is the way to freedom from occupation and injustice. And their interest in integrating the category of people with disabilities "inspired" in the educational process and in such creations that are proud of Palestine and its people, pointing out at the same time that the students of Gaza present their creativity in this exhibition, despite their absence due to the occupation procedures; they were prevented from attending the closing ceremony.

The minister pointed to the keenness of the Ministry of Education to support pioneering and innovative projects and to connect them to international fields and competition in international competitions, calling for the need to learn about the student scientific experiments and the contents of the exhibition and to benefit from them. He thanked all national and international partners, Public and international and the whole educational family, and all those who contributed to the success of this qualitative event supervisor.

Winning Projects

At the end of the ceremony, which was held by the Director of the Palestine Science and Technology Fair, Intel ISEF Coordinator in Palestine, Mohammed and Ridat, the results were announced as follows: The first seven projects are: First place in Palestine, Individual project / Directorate: Right for All "by Yafa Hassan Jaradat from the Secondary School for Girls, under the supervision of Linda Moutor.

Second Place: Individual Project / Directorate: Jerusalem Suburbs, "Water Quality Detector", by Fatima Muhannad Qurei from the secondary school of Eizariya, under the supervision of the teacher Sana Jabr.

Third Place: Collective Project / Directorate: Jerusalem Suburbs "Do I Need an Antibiotic" for the students: Majd Fawaz Ayyad and Heya Ibrahim Abu Hilal from the secondary school of Eizariya, under the supervision of teacher Reham Hilal.

Fourth Place: Individual Project / Hebron Directorate, "Energy Saving Buildings by Improving the Characteristics of Heat Insulation using Glass Waste in Brick Industry", by Saif Maher Al-Jabari from Al Hussein Bin Ali Secondary School for Boys.

Fifth Place: Individual Project / Directorate: Ramallah and Al-Bireh, "Optical Robot", by Lama Ala Abed from Al-Najah Secondary School, under the supervision of Manar Samara.

Sixth: Collective Project / Jericho Directorate "Mobile Ammunition" for the students: Nada Reza Hamada and Yasmin Jawad Daeik from Omran Elementary Mixed Girls School, under the supervision of Aseel Jawhar.

Seventh Place: Collective project / Directorate: south of Nablus "glasses of hope for the blind", for students: Qusay Abdul Abo Rida and Mohammed Yacoub Odeh of Kasri secondary school for boys, under the supervision of teacher Dima Zinedine.

Students will represent these seven projects and innovations; the State of Palestine at Intel in the United States in May.

Eighth place: Individual project / from the relief agency "Cement Modified", student: Farah Mamoun Titi, from the elementary school Fawwar Elementary School, under the supervision of teacher Mai Daraibah.

Ninth: A collective project / Nablus Directorate "Refrigeration Shoe for MS patients" for students Hala Haroun Al-Jabi and Taghreed Majdi Jibril from Al-Aishia Secondary School for Girls, under the supervision of teacher Rania Tahboush.

10: Individual Project / Directorate of South Nablus "Home automation using voice recognition technology" for the student: Duaa Ali Odeh from the Shahida Reham Dawabsha Secondary Mixed School, under the supervision of teacher Dima Awadallah.

The participants were honored from the families of the two public administrations for international and public relations, educational technology and information technology, in addition to honoring the students who participated in the Intel exhibition last year. The Directorate of Education in Nablus received the best coordination award for the exhibition at the level of the Directorate, while the Directorate of Education of Jericho received a prize of Prefer to organize a local exhibition.

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