Lieberman incites to kill prisoners

The head of the Israel Beitenu party and the former Israeli army minister, Avigdor Lieberman, published a leaflet on Facebook on Thursday, in which he incited the killing of Palestinian prisoners inside prisons.

Lieberman pointed to the strike, which the Palestinian prisoners intend to implement in the coming days in light of what they are subjected to a crackdown by the Israeli Prison Service.

He called for the prisoners to be left without food and without any intervention, whether on the medical or political level, to move to negotiations with them. Calling to leave them without any food and left them "commit suicide" according to his description.

He considered that this strike a test point for Israel in its war on "terrorism." "You should not be disturbed by their threats not to drink water and not to cooperate with their provocation, there is no need to feed them by force or to evacuate them to hospitals, we must convey a clear message to them: Do you want to starve yourself? It is your choice. This hunger strike will not bring you any achievements, and no negotiations will take place under threat. "

He called for taking the lesson from the British model in 1981, when the prisoners were left in their prisons without food and medical care and after 7 months 10 of them were killed, and the strike was stopped. Stressing the need to respond strongly to the planned strike.

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