Hamshari is free after 16 years in Israeli jails

The Israeli occupation authorities on Wednesday released the prisoner Hadi al-Hamshary from Tulkarm district after serving his 16-year sentence in Israel's occupation jails.

An official reception was held in Al-Jalmeh village and Qabatiya Town, in which deputy Governor Kamal Abu al-Rab, Alhamshary Village council chairman Al-Jalmeh Mohammed Abu Farha, Atta Abu Armilah, secretary of the Fatah movement in the Jenin region, the mother of the Hamshary captive and his fiancée, representatives of Jenin and Tulkarm institutions and prisoners and a number of captives Editors.

He congratulated the father of the Lord and Armilah Hamshary with his liberty after a journey of steadfastness and suffering behind bars, praising his steadfastness and his struggle.

They sent a tribute to the captive movement, saying that the leadership and the head of President Mahmoud Abbas continue to seek the liberation of all prisoners and prisoners.

The Hamshary's mother expressed her joy at the return of her son and hoped that all mothers and families would be happy to free all prisoners of liberty from the occupation prisons.

For his part, Al-Hamshary said, in an interview to the "Quds " that his happiness will remain incomplete as long as there are prisoners behind bars, appealing to everyone to strengthen and intensify efforts to support prisoners who are subjected to a fierce attack from the prison administration, which exploits the period of Israeli elections to withdraw their achievements and impose severe restrictions Them.

"The situation continues to deteriorate in a dangerous climate of escalation that threatens a major explosion in prisons, which requires urgent and continuous action to support prisoners and prevent their being singled out," he said.

"The message of the captives today is to strengthen efforts to restore national unity, and to join forces behind President Mahmoud Abbas in the face of conspiracies and challenges, especially among them the deal of the century," Hamshary said.

The editor-in-hamshary, the accompanying delegation and the Deputy Governor visited the mother of the captive Mohammad Abu al-Rab in Qabatiya, to check her health after undergoing surgery, and conveyed her greetings from her captive son and all the prisoners and wishes for her speedy recovery, appreciating her steadfastness and tenacity over the past years since the pain of her son's absence and its suffering at the prison gates.

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