Smart gadget predicts death date!

A new study by the University of Nottingham found that artificial intelligence can be able to predict the death of patients with chronic diseases.

Scientists and doctors used half a million data to develop the tool that reviews patients at risk of early death.

The tool takes into account a range of factors, from the history of the patient's family to the disease, the amount of salt consumption, and even the use of the drug and the amount of the use of the solar condom.

"Preventive care is a priority in the fight against serious diseases, so we have been working for several years to improve the accuracy of the calculated health risk assessment for the general population," said lead author Stephen Wong, associate professor of epidemiology and data science. , But predicting death due to many different disease outcomes is very complex, especially given environmental and individual factors. "

The artificial intelligence algorithm was constructed from data from 502,628 people aged 40 to 69 who participated in the British Bank's 2006-2006 study and was followed up to 2016.

The smart model included information on participants' consumption of fruits, vegetables, meat, cheese, cereals, fish and alcohol.

According to the results published in the journal "PLOS ONE", the new artificial intelligence technology was 10.1% more accurate than the current networks.

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