The Israeli Occupation grants a settlement organization 550 dunums of Jerusalem land

The "Alad" settlement, which is active in the Judaization of occupied Jerusalem and the purchase of real estate, has uncoovered the "peace forest" in the occupied city of Jerusalem with the complicity of the Israeli government.

The newspaper said: "Al-Ad" working to cancel the status of "forest" in order to promote various projects in favor of settlement.

It noted that it envisioned many of the agreements it had signed on the grounds that it jeopardized "State security".

According to the newspaper, the peace forest lies on an area of ​​550 dunums between the "Abu Tur" neighborhood (south of Jerusalem) and the perimeter of "Armon Hantsiv" settlement (east of the city).

The newspaper quoted the Palestinian expert on the land of Jerusalem, Sami Arshad, that the occupation from the beginning to turn those areas into an open public area, and then to the forest, and therefore the Palestinian use of these lands was limited, and now give the organization "Elad" free hand to control public places.

Arshid told the Hebrew newspaper that some of the lands of the Peace Forest have not been confiscated and are still privately owned by the Palestinians. "This is another example of the transfer by the State of Israel of Palestinian public assets and property for use by Elad."

The Israeli settlement "Alad" is active in the settlement of Palestinian homes in the occupied city of Jerusalem, specifically in the Old City and its surroundings

Since 1967, Israel has built dozens of settlements in East Jerusalem for about 200,000 Jews. These settlements are illegal under international law, despite Israel's objection.

The continued Israeli occupation of West Bank settlement and the eastern part of Jerusalem was a major reason for the cessation of the Palestinian-Israeli peace negotiations in April 2014, in addition to Israel's refusal to accept the two-state solution on the basis of the 1967 borders and the release of prisoners from its prisons

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