Detailed statistics: 266 martyrs and 30,000 wounded since the start of the return marches

The Ministry of Health in the Gaza Strip published detailed statistics on the number of martyrs and wounded a year after the return marches and the siege on the eastern border of the Gaza Strip.

According to the Ministry, 266 Palestinians were killed and 30,398 injured, of which 16027 were transferred to hospitals for treatment.

Among the martyrs were 50 children, 6 females and one elderly.

Among the martyrs were three medical martyrs: Musa Abu Hassanein, Razan Al-Najjar, Abdullah Al-Qatati, and two journalists, Yasser Murtaja and Ahmed Abu Hussein.

Of the total, 3175 were children, 1008 women and girls, 665 medical personnel and 347 journalists.

The statistics show that 536 were seriously injured, 6834 were moderately injured and 8266 were slightly injured. Of these, 6,857 were wounded with live bullets, 844 rubber bullets, 2331 suffocated by gas bombs and 1989 with shrapnel and various injuries.

As for the locations of the injury, the statistics showed that 1503 of the injured were head and neck injuries, 732 in the chest and back area, 624 in the abdomen and pelvis, 2232 in the upper limbs, 7731 in the lower limbs and 2831 in multiple places.

The number of amputations was 136, including 122 in the lower limbs and 14 in the upper limbs.

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