Attacks and arrests in the West Bank

 Israeli occupation forces carried out raids and raids throughout the West Bank on Thursday morning.

Local sources said that the Israeli occupation forces arrested the prisoner Na'im Ismail Abu Turki from his house in Khirbet Qalqas south of Hebron and the young man Mahab Ajrama, 21, from his house in al-Arroub refugee camp north of the city.

They also raided and searched a house in the town of Halhoul, north of Hebron, and arrested Mohammed Raed Nofal.

Ahmed Sobhi al-Sous, 17, from Fawwar refugee camp, was arrested last night while the iron gate at the entrance to the camp was closed and citizens were pretended from entering or leaving the camp.

In Qalqiliya, Israeli soldiers targeted Israeli soldiers with incendiary bottles in the town of Azzoun east of the city. The soldiers raided a house in the village of Ezbet al-Ashqar.

Confrontations broke out between the youths and the occupation forces in the vicinity of Balata refugee camp, east of Nablus. The city of Dahud and Yazin Abu Rumaila were arrested.

In Ramallah, the occupation authorities arrested Mohammed Shadi Abu Shkheidem, Yasser Abu Shkheidem and Ali Kandah from the village of Abu Shkheidm.

The house of the family of the martyr Omar Abu Laila was also raided in the town of Zawiya, west of Salfit.

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