Approval of the construction of 650 new settlement units in Beit El settlement

JERUSALEM _ Palestine News Network

"The Israeli occupation government has decided to expand a neighbourhood that is about to be set up in the" Beit El "settlement adjacent to the West Bank city of Ramallah, to include the construction of 650 new housing units in the settlement, instead of 296 units previously approved, the newspaper Yisrael Hume said.

The construction of the new settlement neighbourhood is allegedly "compensated" by the occupation government for settlers after the evacuation of the "Ulbana" neighbourhood in 2012 and the "Darinov " neighbourhood in 2015 in the settlement.

The planning procedures of the so-called "civil administration" of the Israeli occupation army are in their final stages, and construction is expected to begin soon, the paper said.

The plan to expand the settlement district, which has not yet been followed by a decision by the settlement Council in "Beit El" and the Housing Ministry, confirmed that the decision was approved last week, the paper said.

The construction of the new settlement neighbourhood, which is slated to contain 650 housing units, is to raise the population density of settlers in the region by 65 percent, the paper said.

These settlement units will be built to resettle the families of settlers evicted from the "Beit El" settlement two years ago by order of the Israeli High Court, after settlers built their homes on Palestinian land with private ownership. Arab 48


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