Washington Post: A secret organization to overthrow the leader of North Korea

As the North was engaged in stalemate talks with the United States in Vietnam, its embassy in Spain was attacked by a secret group that pole computers and mobile phones with sensitive information as part of a plan to overthrow the leader. Kim Jong-un.

Although the Spanish media deal with the attack in February, the Washington Post published new, potentially dangerous, details about the perpetrators of the attack.

Masked gunmen attacked the North Korean embassy in Spain in broad daylight, tied their workers with ropes, covered their heads, stole mobile phones and computers before fleeing.

Spanish police have not reported any reports of the incident or opened an investigation, nor has the embassy or any of the victims made any representations.

The attack was carried out by a group known as Cheollima Civil Defense, whose first objective is to topple the North Korean leader's regime.

She noted that some of the attackers, linked to US intelligence, "CIA", which increases the sensitivity of the situation, especially as President Donald Trump was in talks with the Korean leader Kim Jong-un, at the time of the attack.

For their part, people linked to the group said the attack did not happen in coordination with any government.

It is noteworthy that the group maintains its confidentiality completely, it is not known who are its members or who is the leader, as it remains in the identity of questions that can only be answered by a few people.

"This group is the first movement to resist the regime in North Korea, making its activities very important," said Song Yun Lee, a North Korean expert at Tufts University.

"It may include documents and contacts on ways in which Pyongyang is evading sanctions and importing luxury goods from Europe. This was the main role assigned to North Korea's ambassador to Spain, Kim Hyuk," the expert said. Chol ".

The Korean ambassador has been appointed as one of the most senior officials in the talks between Pyongyang and Washington, increasing the group's clandestine ability to put pressure on Kim's regime, not to reveal his previous role in circumventing the sanctions.

Sources also said the group photographed the attack on the embassy in Spain, which is another factor of pressure on the North Korean regime, not to disclose the exposure of such a major breakthrough.

In 2017, the Kiolema group succeeded in smuggling the Korean leader's nephew from Macao SAR in China, while his father Kim Jong-nam, the half-brother of the North Korean leader, was subjected to a nerve gas assassination at Kuala Lumpur airport.

Kim Han-sol, from Macao, was taken to an unknown area in cooperation with the governments of China, the United States and the Netherlands to protect him from being assassinated, with many accusing the North Korean leader of assassinating his brother.

In March, Kiolima published a statement demanding that the North Koreans take action against the regime, both inside and outside the country, and continue to resist until Kim Jong-un's regime is removed, pointing out that it has equipped an interim government capable of running the country towards a democratic life.

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