The occupation is bombing Gaza

Gaza _ Palestine News Network

Israeli occupation planes launched a series of raids on various targets in the Gaza Strip early Friday.

According to a reporter, "Jerusalem " In Gaza, drones, helicopters and warplanes attacked targets in all areas of the Gaza Strip, causing large explosions to be heard.

He noted that the planes targeted the al-Qassam Brigade's naval site, the military wing of Hamas, with a number of rockets in the vicinity of the new port of Khan Yunis, causing serious damage.

The planes also bombed the site "al-Qassam " and another  "Al-Quds Brigades ", the military wing of the Netzarim editor south of Gaza City.

The planes fired several rockets at the Qassam Naval and al-Waha naval site in the area north-west of the Gaza Strip.

At the same time, there were sirens in the Gaza Strip settlements, where a mortar shell was found to have landed at the Achkul settlement complex.

The planes are still flying heavily in the Gaza Strip, while the Israeli army said it was bombing a response to the firing of two rockets into Tel Aviv.


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