Gantz evades his position on a two-state solution and opposes the construction of a port in Gaza

The leader of Israel's "blue-white" party, Benny Gantz, who is running for prime minister in the coming elections, has been asked by a question today about his position on the two-state solution.

He said during a meeting with 26 ambassadors from the European Union that he would prefer Israel to launch a clear political initiative on dealing with the Palestinian issue as the strongest. Refusing to express his support for a two-state solution.

On Gaza, he said he would oppose the construction of a sea port or corridor for Hamas in the Gaza Strip. Describing Hamas as a "gang" holding two million hostages in Gaza.

"Do you think that if there is a seaport in Gaza, all they will buy is orange juice, do they want economic development?" He asked.

The future of Gaza lies with Hamas, not Israel.

Turning to the Iranian file, stressing that Israel will not allow Iran to become a regional force, and will continue to support its isolation, and undermine its efforts to destabilize the region and prevent the development of its military capabilities.

"Israel can not afford Iran to have a nuclear bomb, and if we can use diplomacy, we will do it, but I will not reject any other alternatives," he said.

As for his relationship with US President Donald Trump, who is linked to current Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, he said, "Common interests create relations. Israel and America have a lot of common interests."

According to ambassadors, Gantz was very optimistic that an important outcome could be achieved in the upcoming elections and the formation of the government.


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