"Cheetah robot" acquires super-capabilities (video)

Scientists at the University of Massachusetts have reviewed a small version of the Cheetah robot, which is highly dynamic.

The scientists' video shows the ability of their new robot to move as fast as 2.5 meters per second, making it one of the fastest robots in the world.

In addition to its leopard-like shape, the robot can perform all the movements of the animals. It can bend its arms and body in different positions, swinging forward with lightning movements, even jumping backwards, and walking on different surfaces even the rugged ones.

Scientists in this robot are also testing new techniques that restore balance if they are lost. They are supposed to become robots and some future vehicles.

Experts at the University of Massachusetts have been working on these robots for years, hoping to become a key future tool for saving people during disasters, and an effective way to discover where people can not work.

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