Human Rights Commissioner criticizes "Israel" and its devastating impact on Palestinian rights

The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michele Bachelet, criticized the Israeli occupation authorities for continuing to violate the rights of Palestinians at all levels and the use of lethal force to counter the demonstrations of the return march on the Gaza Strip border.

This came as part of a speech on the human rights situation in the occupied Palestinian territories on Wednesday during the 40th session of the Human Rights Council at the United Nations Office at Geneva.

Bachelet referred to what she described as "the devastating impact of the occupation on economic and social rights," which she said was "closely linked to violations of civil and political rights."

"The Israeli blockade of the Gaza Strip, now in its twelfth year, has led to economic deterioration, with more than 50 per cent of the population of the Strip suffering from unemployment, rising among young people; more than 70 per cent of people depend on Humanitarian assistance ".

"The main product of the Gaza economy is despair," she said.

Referring to a year since the demonstrations began, Bachelet referred to the results of the Human Rights Council's investigation committee. The demonstrations were "met with lethal and disproportionate force by the Israeli security forces, which led to a rise in the number of dead and wounded."

The UN Commissioner expressed her disappointment that Israel had not addressed any of the very serious issues raised.

Since March 30, the Palestinians have been participating in peaceful marches near the fence separating the Gaza Strip and the occupied Palestinian territories in 1948 to demand the return of the refugees to their abandoned towns and villages in 1948 and to break the siege on Gaza.

 The Israeli occupation army represses these peaceful marches, firing poison gas and tear gas at the demonstrators, resulting in the death of 266 citizens, including 11 martyrs whose bodies were not recorded in the statements of the Palestinian Ministry of Health, while 27 thousand others, including 500 in danger Serious.

In the West Bank, Bachelet pointed to the impact of settlements on all aspects of daily life for Palestinians, including the significant negative impact on freedom of movement, access to work, education and health care.

"The imposition of economic hardship on the Palestinians does not make Israelis safer."

Israeli estimates indicate that there are about 430,000 settlers in West Bank settlements. 

This number does not include 220,000 settlers in Jerusalem settlements, which are located in 164 settlements and 116 settlement outposts not recognized by the Israeli government. 


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