Indonesia donates $ 1 million to UNRWA

 Indonesia's foreign minister, Ritno Marsoudi, has announced a $ 1 million contribution to the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA), a significant increase in Indonesia's support for UNRWA.

"Palestine is at the heart of Indonesia's foreign policy and in the hearts of the Indonesian people, and I realize that it is facing another difficult year," she said in a meeting with UN Commissioner-General Luc Pierre Crenball. Expressing Indonesia's support to you, in the hope that this will help to attract more support from other countries. "

Mursoudi also visited an UNRWA school in the new Amman camp where she met with students and visited a family of Palestinian refugees.

Krinbol expressed gratitude and thanks for the important partnership with Indonesia. "We express our appreciation to Minister Marsoudi and the Government and people of Indonesia for their important political and financial support to UNRWA. Today's visit is a source of great encouragement to our students and all our staff.

In a statement, UNRWA said that this agreement will help provide the necessary health services to some 29,000 Palestinian refugees living in and around Jerash camp in Jordan and provide food assistance to more than 9,500 refugees from the same area.

Support will focus on a particularly fragile population group, known as the "Gaza refugees," in reference to the Gaza Strip, where the residents of the group live.

Indonesia has always been a steadfast supporter of Palestinian refugees, and this growing partnership is of particular importance, both in terms of increased bilateral assistance and in terms of multilateral initiatives such as the establishment of the Development Endowment Fund for Palestinian Refugees, Minister Mursoudi and supported by Indonesia at the recent meeting of the Council of Foreign Ministers of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation in Abu Dhabi.


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