Israeli bulldozers demolish Palestinian facilities west of Salfit

On Monday morning, Israeli vehicles demolished Palestinian commercial and agricultural facilities near the village of Haris, west of Salfit (north of Jerusalem).

According to local sources, the Israeli occupation forces secured the protection of Israeli bulldozers during the demolition of a car wash and barks on the western junction of the village of Haris, west of Salfit, indicating that the facilities have been built since 2010 and belong to a resident of the village.

According to the sources, Israeli demolitions also extended 500 square meters of building land inside Haris village.

Hassan Sulaiman, owner of the demolished facilities, said that the demolitions were carried out and the land was razed under the pretext that the laundry and parcels were in Area C, which is under Israeli security and administrative control.

He pointed out in a press interview that three months ago, the occupation demolished 5 commercial establishments in the same location, owned by him and his brother, for the same reason, without handing them demolition notices.

Area C, which constitutes 61 per cent of the occupied West Bank, is under Israeli administrative and security control under the Oslo Accords, and Palestinians are required to obtain building permits from the Israeli authorities and not from the Palestinian Authority.

According to reports by human rights and humanitarian organizations, the occupation authorities reject the majority of applications submitted by Palestinian citizens for the licensing of their buildings.

According to the Israeli organization "B'Tselem" Israeli, the occupation authorities agreed over the past years on 4 percent of the Palestinian construction applications.

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