Two youths killed by Israeli occupation in Kafr Nehmeh

The Palestinian health Ministry announced Monday morning the martyrdom of Amir Mahmud Juma Dragah from the village of Khartha al-Mesbah (20 years old) and Yusuf Raed Mohamed Suleiman Angao from the village of Beit Sera (20 years), and the injury of Haitham by the name Juma Alqom from the village of Safa, wounds not determined after the occupation fire Near Kafr Nehmeh village, west of Ramallah.

"The occupying forces withdrew from the main entrance of the village after a close-up of hours since the dawn of the day," witnesses said, noting that the occupying forces fired heavily in the direction of a car carrying a number of youths.

"We found blood on the main street at the scene where the occupying forces put dirt on top of it, and we found blood in a nearby store that had been taken off, in addition to removing the doors of a number of shops in the area, and the recordings of the surveillance cameras were also seized," al-Deek said.

According to the head of the village council of Kafr Nehmeh, the occupation forces withdrew the youths ' car with a military bulldozer, while a military mechanism was withdrawn by a crane before withdrawing from the scene, while the body of the martyrs was detained.

Al-Deek noted that the Israeli occupation forces closed the entrance to the village following the arrest of Cheb Yusuf al-Deek, and during her withdrawal, the main entrance of the town was closed, where the two youths were martyred and prevented entry or exit.

In addition, clashes erupted between the youths and the Israeli occupation forces in the village of Kafr Nehmeh in conjunction with the occupation forces ' incursion into the village, where the occupying forces fired tear gas canisters in the direction of the youths and the houses of the inhabitants, causing dozens of cases of suffocation, including some families, who were treated in the field. According to village council chairman Kafr Nehmeh.

The Israeli army spokesperson claimed that the youths had attempted to run a raid on a group of soldiers in that area while carrying out a detention campaign in the town.

An Israeli officer and a soldier were wounded and taken to hospital for treatment.


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