Occupation injures 30 children after attacking a school in Hebron

30 children were seriously injured Thursday when Israeli soldiers and settlers attacked the students of Hebron Elementary School in the Old City south of the city.

The head of the school said that "the Israeli army threw gas bombs at the students while they were in the vicinity of the school, which led to the injury of 30 children suffocated, one of them critically, and was transferred to the hospital."

He added that a number of settlers, including extremists, participated in the attacks on students.

Israel ended the work of an international monitoring mission in Hebron at the end of last month, which was met with Palestinian condemnation. The Observer Mission in Hebron was deployed under an agreement between Israelis and Palestinians reached after the February 1994 massacre when an Israeli settler shot and killed 29 Palestinians while they were praying inside the Ibrahimi Mosque in the city.


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