A sit-in in Hebron to reject the confiscation of Palestinian funds by the occupation

Thousands of citizens protested Tuesday against the Israeli government's decision to deduct more than half a billion shekels from Palestinian tax revenues, as the Palestinian Authority pays a similar sum to the families of Palestinian martyrs and prisoners.

The sit-in at the Ibn Rushd roundabout in the center of the city included representatives of the Prisoner's Club, the Ministry of Prisoners' Affairs, the National Liberation Forces and a crowd of citizens.

The participants carried Palestinian flags and photographs of the prisoners and raised banners demanding that the Israeli occupation decision be taken as a piracy of Palestinian funds.

Amjad al-Najjar, head of the Hebron Prisoner's Club, told Al-Quds.com that "the decision to confiscate the prisoners 'and martyrs' money is piracy and the work of the bandits, contrary to the Paris Convention and all international agreements."

Al-Najjar called on various circles and parties to "strongly oppose this unjust decision".

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