Ha´aretz: Israel is very cautious about going to a ground war in Gaza

Military estimates in the Israeli daily Ha'aretz indicate Friday that military estimates indicate a worsening crisis in the Gaza Strip, which could promptHamas to escalate with Israel. Convictions that Hamas and Israel are not interested in war at this stage have become frail. .

In his article, he added that it is no coincidence that the Chief of Staff of the Israeli occupation army, Aviv Kokhavi, is conducting his first field trip in the Gaza Strip region. He has even approved a plan to improve the preparations for various scenarios regarding the Gaza Strip. , At the expense of other priorities on other fronts.


The chief question is: What does Israel want from the Gaza Strip and what are the goals and achievements it wants to achieve in Gaza? And to what extent is it willing to take risks in order to achieve these goals ?.

He continued: The result of the last three wars on the Gaza Strip are: that Israel left behind the destruction of large and dead in Gaza, in return for weak achievements, was a fragile deterrence and temporary calm and the solution that the army can submit to the political level is the ground war, So far, it is clear that no one in Israel wants to activate the ground arm of the army in Gaza.

He pointed out that the military intelligence estimates for 2019 indicate the presence of strategic warnings of the deterioration of the Palestinian arena, changes in the internal forces of the Palestinian Authority in the West, and security threats to Israel from the Gaza Strip.

In the West Bank, it is estimated that an escalation or a wave of operations has taken place after the death of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas , while in the south, the Hamas leader in Gaza is trying to revive the situation in the Gaza Strip because the difficult situation in the Gaza Strip poses a threat to Hamas.

"Hamas wants to reach a ceasefire agreement with Israel, which includes lifting the siege and rebuilding the Gaza Strip, and building an airport and a port," he said. , But it is difficult for Hamas to get such an agreement, without which Hamas will resort to escalation, and things will deteriorate again in the south.

The military analyst confirmed that the arm of the army in the Israeli occupation army is besieged by old plans on the shelf and that no one is asking for its implementation. Any ground operation in Gaza will cost billions and will lead to involvement in Gaza and the Israeli public, in addition to the great loss of human life.

He pointed out that Israel is very careful to go to a ground war in Gaza, because of the sensitivity of the Israeli public to the human losses. Therefore, Chief of Staff Aviv Kochavi must work to improve the capabilities of the Israeli army's military force and convince the political level that he is capable of achieving substantial achievements in this field. .

Despite the preoccupation of the internal arena in Israel with the elections, that the risks and security threats have not yet ended, but so far, the focus on the Syrian front, in the wake of mutual threats between Iran and Israel, yet the most likely to the outbreak of escalation or military confrontation this year, In the Gaza Strip.


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