Learn about the feature missing from the new iPhone

Reports of the launch of a new iPhone phone later this year, which will miss a key feature many users have been waiting for.

The new iPhone 2019, thought to be called the iPhone 11, will not contain a USB-C charging port as an alternative to the Lightning port used in the current models.

A report said Apple had no intention of giving up Lightning's iPhone port.

The USB-C port is the standard universal connector used to charge a wide range of electronic devices, from Android phones to tablets and laptops, and the latest iPad device from Apple is available on this port.

The USB-C port can charge devices much faster than previous versions, with a USB port that can handle only a limited amount of power.

Many Apple fans have been waiting for the new generation of iPhone to be on the phone since the company set up the iPad in 2018.

The iPhone 2019 is expected to come with the same 5-watt charger and Lightning cable as previous models, and some see it as a cost-saving procedure.


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