"Foreign ": Non-implementation of resolution 2334 encourages occupation to deepen and expand settlement

RAMALLAH _ Palestine News Network

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and expatriates condemned the attempt by the Israeli occupation prosecutor to inform the Central Occupation Court of the intention of the occupation authorities to legitimize buildings constructed by settlers on land with Palestinian ownership in the settlement of "high Zaaf" in the West Bank, as part of an expansionist colonial decision to whiten more than two thousand Settlement building was built by settlers.

In a statement on Monday, the Foreign Ministry confirmed that the involvement of the so-called justice system in Israel in this colonial settlement process is a new proof that the system is an integral part of the occupation system itself.

It stressed that the absolute and complete American bias of occupation and settlement, and the failure of the international community to implement the resolutions of international legitimacy on settlement, foremost among which is resolution 2334, and the non-accountability of Israel as an occupying Power and settlement for its crimes and breaches of international law and international law and the Geneva Conventions, have become an umbrella and a protection for the continued deepening and expansion of settlement by the occupation authorities, undermining the chances of achieving peace on The basis for a two-state solution.

She stressed that the Israeli Government was a government of piracy both for the money of the Palestinian people and for its land and assets.


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