An Apple security vulnerability has allowed users to compromise their privacy

A security expert has claimed that Apple's customers may have been exposed to a new security breach.

The expert believes that the "iCloud" vulnerability, which has now been solved, allowed strangers to read notes stored on someone else's iPhone.

Worse still, this flaw was hidden by officials in Apple, Calif., Who fixed the problem before it became known to everyone.

The news comes just days after FaceTime detected a bug that allowed video surveillance programs to spy on users.

The expert identified the new imbalance at the end of last year, according to a report by "The Hacker News", where the Turkish researcher, Melih Seifim, it is clear that the gap allowed to see partial data, especially observations, the calculations of "iCloud" random, Target users of "iCloud" by knowing their phone numbers associated with those accounts.

Seifem told Apple's security team that the gap was in November, when the team acknowledged the problem and the company would fix it after receiving the report.

It is clear that Apple repaired the gap without alerting millions of users to it, and claimed that Sevim that the company did not give him any money as a reward to report the gap, noting that the company was in constant contact with him until the defect was fixed.


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