Jewish settlers cut dozens of olive trees south of Jenin

Jenin _ Palestine News Network

Last night, Jewish settlers cut off dozens of fruit-bearing olive trees in Palestinian agricultural land south of the city of Jenin (north of occupied Jerusalem).

According to Palestinian local sources, the settlers of the settlement of "Dotan", an Israeli based on Palestinian land, had shredded and vandalized dozens of fruit-bearing olive trees in the town of Arrabeh, south of Jenin.

According to the sources, the trees belonged to the Palestinian farmer, Nazmi Dalit, a perennial olive tree, over 15 years old.

It was not the first time that settlers had attacked the land of "Daman" adjacent to the "Dutan" settlement, as settlers had already cut olive trees four years earlier in the same area.

On Friday, Jewish settlers cut and destroyed 200 olive trees in the fields of the eastern village of al-Laban, south of Nablus (north of Jerusalem), on farmland owned by a Palestinian farmer named "Na'el awaish."

On the night before, Jewish settlers had launched a series of attacks against Palestinian citizens and their property in the city of Nablus; they included road blocks, stone-throwing of Palestinian vehicles and the burning of a bulldozer.


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