32 East Gaza casualties

Gaza _ Palestine News Network

Thirty-two demonstrators were shot and suffocated on Friday in clashes with the Israeli occupation army in the east of the Gaza Strip, amid targeting

Medics reported a number of live and rubber bullets and suffocation, including a paramedic, a paramedic and a journalist who was shot by live bullets.

The High Commission for return marches in Gaza called for the widest popular participation in today's protests under the slogan "Our captives are not alone" in a gesture of solidarity with the prisoners of Israel.

This is the 45th Friday since the start of the return marches on March 30 March, in which more than 250 Palestinians were martyred and another 26,000 injured and suffocated.

The 13th Hebrew channel said that 10,000 protesters were on the border, amid throwing stones and Molotov cocktails and explosive bottles.

The clashes were held Friday amid talks by United Nations envoy for the Middle East peace process Nikolai Miladinov and an Egyptian security delegation with the leadership of the Hamas movement in Gaza.


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