471 Israeli demolition of Palestinian facilities last year

JERUSALEM _ Palestine News Network

The "Wall Resistance and settlement Authority" monitored the demolition by the Israeli occupation authorities of 471 Palestinian facilities in the West Bank, Jerusalem and their suburbs during 2018.

At a press conference in the city of Ramallah on Monday, the head of the authority, Walid Assaf, said that 2018 had witnessed a race between decision makers in the occupying Power to propose bills or ratify laws calling for the annexation of part or all of the West Bank to the occupying Power.

According to Assaf, the total number of colonial regulatory schemes discussed before the so-called "Israeli institutions" in the West Bank, including Jerusalem, amounted to 274, which included the construction of more than 9384 new colonial units.

The authority has documented 15 military orders issued by the occupation authorities, according to which the occupying army has placed its hand on an area of 344.25 dunums of Palestinian land.

Last year there were 471 demolitions, most of which were concentrated in Jerusalem and Hebron, along with some 546 notifications, including demolition and suspension of construction in Palestinian facilities.

The number of settlers in the occupied West Bank, including Jerusalem, reached some 65,000 and 52, while the number of settlements and outposts numbered 299, including 10 new outposts established in 2018, according to statistics from the "Wall Resistance and settlement authority".


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