Malaysian death sentence for drug trafficking in Thailand

Bangkok _ Agencies

The Thai judiciary on Thursday sentenced a 65-year-old Malaysian man to death for drug trafficking and money laundering.

The authorities in the country arrested Tun Hong Seong, 65, in April 2017 for his involvement in smuggling 282 kilograms of industrial drugs, according to AFP.

A 65-person Thai woman was also sentenced to death and another Taiwanese and Thai to life imprisonment.

The production of Almithamvitamiat is witnessing a boom in what is known as the Gold Triangle, the region between Burma, Thailand, Laos and China.

A ton and 200 kilograms of industrial drugs were seized in Malaysia from Burma in May, a record figure in the country.

Thai laws are among the world's most drug-control-related and 326 people have been executed since 1935.


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