The fact of George Clooney´s separation from the hope of knowledge of religion?

US actor George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin are on the verge of separation after a four-year marriage, according to new reports. The reports published by RadarOnline revealed that the divorce would cost £ 400 million, or about $ 522 million.

The site claimed that Amal fled to their home in the Italian city of Sardinia with her twin Alexander and Ela, after a sharp quarrel between them.

For his part, George Clooney denied the reports that he is preparing to separate from his wife, and insisted that the story fabricated.

The Hollywood star "wanted the whole family to enjoy the new property he bought, but after a heated debate and discussion, Amal decided to go alone, prompting George to demand that he see his two children and go back to live together, but told him if he decided to come to the property, Hospitality ".


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