A painful end for a Ukrainian medical student because of dollars

A medical student in Ukraine has endured a tragic end after she was forced to leave the bus because she could not pay the low fare.

Local media reported that Irina Dvoritska, 21, was on her way to visit her sick mother at a hospital in Olivesk, northern Ukraine, when the driver forced her to take off in a remote area at very low temperatures of 20 degrees below zero.

The bus driver Oleg Zilenski ordered the poor girl to leave at 4 am, after finding out that she did not carry 25 Hryvina Ukraine (68 US cents) to pay the fare.

Preliminary investigations revealed that the young student seemed to have only to walk through the dark through the woods before she was lost and lost her way into a hole where she froze to death.

"My sister wanted to visit our sick mother with pneumonia, whose condition was getting worse day by day," said the father of Ernia, who works as a guard in a public park.

"Irena was in a hurry to catch up with the bus, which made her forget her purse," the newspaper said.

"The driver forced her to get off the bus and set off to leave her in a remote area that suffers from extreme cold," said the aunt of the frozen girl. "When her father found her body, he saw a terrible fear in the eyes of his liver."

Ukrainian police were quick to open an investigation into the circumstances of the incident. The forensic report confirmed that the medical student had died because of the internal temperature of her body.

If the bus driver is found guilty, his sentence is expected to reach five years.


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