A Palestinian doctor receives the second best medical Research Award in Switzerland in the field of organ transplantation

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Dr. Lina Osama Qatneh was the second best research Center in Switzerland, published in 2018 in the field of organ transplantation.

The Swiss transplant doctors held a special session a few days ago, during their 17th annual meeting, during which they were briefed on 19 research papers published in scientific journals on organ transplantation, and they chose the three best researches in this field, including the research of Dr. Lina Qqneh, published in the magazine American organ transplant, the best magazine in the field of organ transplantation in the world.

At the next session, after the transplant doctors listened to the presentations from the three research owners, the meeting was awarded on Friday by Dr. Lina as the second best research, in addition to an in-kind prize.

The research examines gene (SP110) for the first time with the infection of a diabetic patient who is one of the complications leading to heart disease, which is one of the leading causes of death after transplantation, although the transplanted organ is working very effectively.

Dr Lina Qokneh graduated from the third installment at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Jerusalem in Abu Dis in 2003 and holds a doctorate degree in 2008 from the University of Paris 6, and in the last year of study in France she received the best French scientific Research award during the annual conference of pharmacology and Physiology in M His religion is Claire Monferis French.


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