A crucial Israeli decision today on calming down with Hamas

TEL Aviv _ Agencies

Israel will decide on Saturday to continue the calm talks in the Gaza Strip with the Hamas movement, Hebrew media reported Friday evening.

Israeli security Minister Avigdor Lieberman will issue his decision on Saturday night to continue efforts to reach a long-term truce agreement with the Hamas movement, according to a senior security official, Israeli Channel 10 said Friday.

The official said that the intelligence estimates that Hamas had decided to work toward pacification.

If the situation continues to deteriorate again, the Karam Abu Salem crossing will be closed, but if calm continues until next week, Israel will introduce fuel and gas into the Gaza Strip, the security official said.

The security official said the negotiations were taking place verbally and with the mediation of Egypt and the United Nations, who conveyed the messages to the two parties, but the central problem before the talks was the internal differences between the Palestinians and Abu Mazen's opposition to the agreement.

Hamas leader Khalil al-Hayhi said Friday that Palestinian factions were in the final stage of talks with Israel.

Hussam Badran, leader of Hamas, said that the factions ' talks in Cairo on the calm dossier in Gaza will be resumed after Eid al-Adha.


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