Martyr shot by the occupation east of Gaza

Gaza _ Palestine News Network

A young man was martyred and at least 22 protesters were shot dead by Israeli occupation soldiers, as the return marches began in eastern Gaza on Friday (44), which bore the name of the "siege crime conspiracy will not pass."

The Ministry of Health said Ihab Atallah Hussein Abed, 25, was martyred by the Israeli occupation forces in eastern Rafah.

According to our correspondent, among the injuries were 14 children, while an ambulance belonging to the Ministry of Health was targeted with gas bombs, injuring six paramedics, one of whom was hit by a direct gas grenade in the hand east of Gaza.

The occupation army has stepped up its presence, along the border of the Gaza Strip, in preparation for confrontation, the Israeli broadcasting Authority, after Hamas's refusal, on Thursday denied receiving the Qatari grant funds under Israeli conditions.



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