The application of "Siri" saves a man´s life from inevitable death!

Iraq - The voice mail application for Siri has saved the lives of a man with a serious traffic accident in Nevada, USA.


According to Apple Insider, the audio assistant "Apple Siri" saved the life of Nate Felix, whose car fell into a deep hole and could not move into the wrecked car, where he was paralyzed. The only hope for the US was to request the emergency number "911" to report the incident, and did so via the application of "Apple Siri" for his inability to move, as it requires no hands, and can only through sound.


The website also points out that the vocal assistant saved the victim from low body temperature, because the incident took place in the evening, where temperatures drop at night to freezing.


Felix was taken to the hospital, where his life was saved, until the accident was strong and caused great damage to his spine and motor nerve endings, making him move on a private chair.


The application is designed specifically for emergencies, where the smartphone user can not actually physically click on the phone buttons, but through a voice call that does "Apple Siri"



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