"Health" in Gaza warns of "catastrophic consequences" due to fuel shortages

Gaza _ Palestine News Network

The Ministry of Health in the Gaza Strip warned Wednesday of "catastrophic consequences" of the worsening of the fuel shortage crisis.

Ministry officials warned that the services of the Beit Hanoun hospital in the north of the Gaza Strip would stop within hours due to the worsening of the crisis.

In a statement, the ministry said, "Today we are a few hours away from the interruption of the services of Beit Hanoun hospital due to the worsening of the fuel crisis for the operation of generators, which means depriving 350,000 people of the service and health care provided by the hospital through 65 beds distributed in the departments of Internal Medicine and surgery, Nose, Ear, throat, pediatric surgery, operations, emergency, laboratory, radiology, outpatient  "

The Ministry of Health said that its "austerity measures and plans to redistribute the remainder of the fuel will not withstand a long time with the erosion of fuel balances and increased need for electricity."

She also warned that  "the absence of a donor response horizon adds to the crisis a state of uncertainty and threatens worse scenarios, which may be a reason for patients to be deprived of their therapeutic rights."

The Gaza Strip, which is home to nearly 2 million people and has been besieged by Israel since mid-2007, suffers from a severe shortage of basic services, with more than half of its daily needs being in power.


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