The occupation arrests 3 youths from Kafr Nehmeh and Bil´in and throws a bomb towards the house

RAMALLAH _ Palestine News Network

Three youths from the villages of Kafr Nehmeh and Bil'in, west of Ramallah, were arrested early Friday by Israeli occupation forces, as clashes erupted between youths and troops, injuring a photojournalist during his coverage of events in Bil'in.

"The Israeli special forces, backed by forces of the occupying army, stormed into the village and began firing bullets into the air, in conjunction with the call for a young man (without naming him) to surrender himself, and when the citizens came out calling them, they fired a grenade towards the window The family home of Jaber Abdo, without causing damage. "

After that, the Israeli occupation forces arrested the young man Jaber Abdo, a disgrace, and then took him to an unknown destination, and the storming of Kafr Nehmeh coincided with clashes between youths and the occupation forces, but he did not report any injuries.

Abdullah Abu Rahma, the coordinator of the People's Committee in the village of Bil'in, west of Ramallah, said: "Clashes broke out in the village between the youths and the forces, injuring the cameraman Haitham al-Khatib, who works as a freelance photographer, with a metal bullet in his leg during his cover-up of Bil'in, and the occupying forces raided several houses and Atkolt the youths Mahdi Abu Rahma and Tariq Abu Rahmah  ".


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