Israeli occupation police subjected Netanyahu to 4 hours investigation of "File 4000"

 TEL Aviv _ Agencies

Israeli police on Friday met with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at his residence in occupied Jerusalem, again in a case of bribery known as "file 4000 " or "The Bezek case", the largest group of contacts in the Israeli occupation state, according to Hebrew media.

According to the official Hebrew radio, the investigation was focused on whether Netanyahu sought positive media coverage at the site of the news, which was owned by Shaul Illovich, president of "Beczek" for government services and facilities, which returned to his group with hundreds of millions of dollars.

She noted that the investigation of Netanyahu had lasted about four hours.

She explained that, with the exception of a recent investigation into the files of corruption, which would be carried out with him by the police fraud and fraud unit, the investigation might be the last one with Netanyahu in the file, following testimonies from the public right witnesses.

On the other hand, Shaul Alovic, Director-General of Bzek, was investigated.

She noted that Netanyahu assured the investigators that he had not made any deal with Alovic in exchange for positive coverage at the site and the news.

The police interrogated Netanyahu on July 10 July for more than five hours at his home, "as part of an investigation conducted by the fraud and national Serious Crimes Unit and the Securities Commission" in the Bezek case.

The Bekk investigation started in 2017 but began to take a course threatening Netanyahu on 18 February February 2018.

 Netanyahu filled the communications portfolio until 2017, along with his position as head of government.

The police are investigating Netanyahu in at least six files currently open against him and, on 13 February, recommended that he be charged in two of them.

This is the twelfth time that Netanyahu has been subjected to the investigation of corruption cases.

He was questioned in June last June over a case involving the purchase of German military submarines that raise suspicions of corruption.

 The Israeli prosecution service charged the wife of Prime Minister Sara Netanyahu, 59, on June 21 June charges of "fraud and dishonesty" after a long investigation by the police into allegations of falsification of family expenses.

The trial of Sara Netanyahu was scheduled to begin on 19 July in the Jerusalem Magistrate's Court, which was adjourned until October 7 in the same court "at the request of the Prosecutor's Office and the representative of the accused", according to the Ministry of Justice.

The law obliges any minister in the government, including its president, to resign if he is formally charged with corruption.

Netanyahu asserts his innocence and considers that he is being subjected to campaigns by the media and the opposition, demonstrating his determination to remain in the head of government.

The Israeli occupation police had recommended the filing of an indictment against Netanyahu on suspicion of bribes, fraud and dishonesty in the investigation files "1000" and "2000", but the government's legal adviser, Avigdor Mendelpelt, still had to make decisions on whether to file an indictment against him or her.

In the case known as "Case 1000", Netanyahu and his wife Sara were investigated on suspicion of receiving gifts and privileges for the rest of a million shekels (300,000 dollars) from businessmen.

The "Case 2000" related to Netanyahu's holding talks with the publisher and owner of the newspaper "Yediot Aharonot" Arnun Moses, to obtain positive media coverage in exchange for the "Yisrael Hume" newspaper competition.

While "Case 3000 ", Netanyahu was investigated for quasi-corruption in the purchase of submarines from Germany.


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