Israel is preparing to demand $ 250 billion from Arab and Islamic countries

Israel is preparing to request 250 billion dollars from Arab and Islamic countries as compensation for the property of Jews who left their land to Israel without being able to transfer their property, the second Hebrew channel revealed.

An official report showed that the value of Jewish property in Libya and Tunisia amounted to 50 billion dollars, according to the channel.

She pointed out that this secret report, which was prepared as part of the preparations for the American peace plan, as well as Israel's intention to demand compensation from Arab countries.

She noted that the secret report was part of a secret examination of Jewish property in Morocco, Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Iran and Yemen, amid estimates that the final amount will reach about 250 billion dollars.

The channel noted that the Israeli Knesset passed a law in 2010 that binds this issue in any peace process.

The Palestinian side has demanded the United States to receive $ 100 billion in compensation for Palestinian property seized by Israel inside the Green Line, according to the channel.

The channel says that if the money is received, it will not be distributed to the owners, but will be transferred to the Jewish National Fund.

"It is time to rectify the historical injustice of the massacres in Arab countries and Iran and respond to the hundreds of thousands of Jews who lost their property," said Minister Gila Gamelil, who leads the move alongside the Israeli National Security Council. Who are forced to leave their prosperous societies under violence - all crimes committed against Jewish communities should be recognized. "


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