Israeli newspaper headlines on Thursday

TEL Aviv _ Agencies

The following are major news items in leading Israeli newspapers on Thursday.


*  "hearts ":

--A report of the journalist Amos Harel: The military deputy announced on Saturday that the investigation into the Black Friday case was closed during the Battle of "the Steadfast shelf" without taking any punitive measures against any of the officers or military commanders

-The cease-fire agreement with Hamas entered into force and the introduction of 700 truckloads of cargo into the Gaza Strip yesterday

-Abu Mazen for the demonstration against the law of nationalism in Tel Aviv: I am not interested in seeing Palestine flag in Tel Aviv

-Pursuit of the Shabak for the left activists serves political objectives and undermines confidence in the device

-Israel reveals the arrest of a Belgian citizen on charges of membership in the Popular Front

Hundreds of demonstrators against prostitution in Israel


*  "NRG ":

-Slap for a stroke: a sharp rise in apartment prices in Israel

-Abu Mazen we will pay the prisoners ' salaries-arrest the American Jewish journalist at Lod Airport message to the United States Jews they're not wanted here.

-Close the Black Friday file through the "enduring shelf" without trials


* "Yediot Aharonot":

Within one month a sharp rise of 0.9% in the prices of apartments in Israel was recorded

-President Abu Mazen we will pay the wages of the prisoners and martyrs

-Minister in Kabinet: there is no agreement and the other party is unpredictable

-Panic among citizens due to the spread of pollution from the "rat epidemic" and the closure of three new valleys in front of the parks in the north

-Qatar will invest 15 billion dollars in Turkey

-The death of a 20-year-old enemy racing hero in a traffic accident in Haifa

-Anger in the Arab community due to police negligence and high homicide cases

* "Israel/Hume":

-a recommendation by Netanyahu to the president of the National Security Council to explore the possibility of expelling infiltrators back to Israel following a court decision to deport Eritrean infiltrators to their country

-U.S. envoy Jason Greenbelt deal of the approaching century

-A tax war between Washington, Ankara and Qatar invests $15 billion in support of the Turkish economy



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