Because of the "myth" .. Grape kills a child on New Year´s Eve

The Spanish city of Gijon has seen a tragic event in New York City, where a 3-year-old boy died after strangling his home after a strange tradition.


Spaniards believe that eating 12 grains of grapes on New Year's Eve saves people bad luck, which they forced the child to do, but the results were catastrophic as he suffocated and died.


Although the child was taken to a hospital in Gijon, north of Spain, attempts to save his life failed, according to the Sun newspaper.


The child belongs to an immigrant family from Ecuador who believes in the myths that each grape of the 12 represents a good month to come.


Spanish families do not usually allow children to participate in the habit, because they are dangerous because they eat grapes very quickly.


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Children are suffocated by grapes every year for this reason. Sometimes the pills stop in the trachea, preventing breathing.


A similar tragedy occurred in 2016 when a child suffocated to death because he ate grapes at a fast food restaurant, so it is recommended to cut grapes before presenting them to children.



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