Poor president refuses retirement salary

Montevideo _ Agencies

The former president of Uruguay said he did not wish to receive any pension for his term of service as a member of the Senate, according to the BBC website.

Jose Mojica, who presided over the country for five years, is called the "poorest president in the world" because of his highly austere lifestyle.

The former president, 83, resigned on Tuesday from the Senate, which he held since 2015, after his term of office has expired.

The former president submitted his official resignation in a letter to the President of the Senate, Lucía Tobulinsky, who had served as former deputy head of state and Mojica's wife.

Mojica and his wife, whose partner and colleague in the guerrilla war had long before their marriage in 2005, were living in a very humble flower plantation on the outskirts of the city of Montevideo.

Mojica donated most of his salary as head of charity, and since he took office in 2010, he has only owned a 1987 Volkswagen "Beetle".

Mojica's resignation was not a surprise after he announced that he would send it in his last appearance in the Senate on Aug. 3.


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