312 Palestinian martyrs in 2018

Gaza _ Palestine News Network

The national gathering of Palestinian martyrs ' Families said that Israel killed 312 Palestinians and Palestinians during the year 2018 in both the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

In its annual report, the gathering said that the martyrs were divided by 271 in the Gaza Strip and 42 in the West Bank, explaining that of the total killed by Israel, 6 were females and 57 were children.

He said the number of martyrs recorded in 2018 is four times the number in 2017, which saw the martyrdom of 74 Palestinians, while the year 2016 scored 127 martyrs and the year 2015 scored 145 martyrs.

According to the group, the Israeli authorities continued to detain the bodies of 20 martyrs who had died in 2018, raising the number of Palestinian martyrs ' bodies held since 1965 to 294.


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