Government jobs for wounded return marches in early 2019

Gaza _ Palestine News Network

The Chairman of the Higher Committee for the wounded return marches, Ahmed al-Kurd: All cases of "amputation, paralysis and loss of eye" will be absorbed from the wounded of the return marches and the siege of the eastern Gaza Strip was broken, in temporary government jobs, to permanent positions, beginning in 2019.

During a workshop in Gaza entitled: "Mechanisms to enhance the resilience of the wounded in the return marches," al-Kurd said the number of people injured in the return marches reached about 25,000, including 15,000, who were shot alive, 130 cases of amputation, 29 had been blindfolded, while 25 others were paralysed.

Al-Kurd said the occupation army is directly and deliberately targeting the participants in the return marches, using international proscribed weapons in an attempt to inflict harm on peaceful demonstrators, which has led to hundreds of deaths and thousands of injuries.

He stressed the need to provide all the requirements of the wounded in the basic marches, enable them to live a decent life, and the installation of prosthetic limbs, and provide their tools of assistance, noting that the best Egyptian hospitals have been contracted to treat the wounded.

The Kurds called on government and private institutions and factions to join forces to end the suffering of the wounded, pointing out that the suffering of the wounded continues for years and may have psychological and social effects.

Since the end of last March, thousands of Palestinians have been organizing marches near the fence east of the Gaza Strip, demanding the return of Palestinian refugees to their villages and towns from which they were abandoned in 1948, and lifting the siege of the Gaza Strip.


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