Israeli public prosecutor will recommend formal indictment of Netanyahu

TEL Aviv _ Agencies

Israeli public prosecutors will recommend a formal indictment of corruption to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, at least one of the cases where Netanyahu is under investigation, media reports said Wednesday.

State Attorney Shai Nitjany has reportedly sent the recommendation to the public prosecution without giving more details about the case.

Netanyahu is under investigation for allegations of corruption that threatens to hold a long-standing power in Israel.

According to media reports, there is sufficient evidence to file an indictment against him for corruption in the "Pizik " Telecom case.

The police interrogated Netanyahu on suspicion of seeking positive media coverage from the "Walla " news site owned by the telecommunications company's owner, in return for supporting laws in the government that serve the interests of the latter.

The police recommended that Netanyahu be accused of corruption, fraud and abuse of the secretariat in two other cases, one of which is related to receiving gifts with family members.

In the second case, investigators suspected the Prime minister's attempt to reach an agreement with the owner of the Yediot Aharonot newspaper to ensure a positive press coverage.

Netanyahu denied all the charges and rejected any talk of resignation, which he is not bound to, even if he is formally charged with him.


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