That´s what a traffic policeman did to a kid driving his little cart!

Maldon _ Agencies

The US traffic policeman stopped a child with a small vehicle on the side of the road and gave him a funny warning because he was driving the car without a licence, after he had spread his funny pictures through social media sites, her hero was a one-year-old child of the American Malden, driving a toy car.

"They stopped traffic after they found the kid named Grayson Salerno, and he is driving a red Mercedes convertible on the sidewalk," the US police said, according to the New York Post newspaper.

The US policeman then parked his car behind Salerno's car, turned on the blue lights and pretended to be recording a traffic violation for a child of the Salerino.

Corey Salernoi, mother of child Salerno, commented on this release of a violation against her child, that "this funny offense that was freed made many smile and feel happy as a result."


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