Arab League calls on the Security Council to stop Israeli aggression and incitement

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The Council of the whole of the Arab States has called upon the Permanent Representatives of the United Nations to shoulder its responsibilities in the maintenance of international peace and security and to exert pressure on Israel, the occupying Power, to cease its aggression and to incite the Palestinian people in an immediate manner.

At the conclusion of its emergency meeting, on Tuesday, the Council of the League of Arab States, in its statement on the ongoing Israeli aggression and incitement in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, called on the United Nations to give effect to the UN General Assembly resolution on the protection of Palestinian civilians (No. 20/10-s). RES/A 2018), by applying the options for the protection of the Palestinian civilian population contained in the recent report of the United Nations Secretary-General in this regard, and urging the States and institutions of the international community to participate in the protection of Palestinian civilians and to form a practical and effective mechanism to implement the General Assembly resolution And the report of the Secretary-General of the United Nations.

The Council of the League of Arab Sudan condemned the widespread and systematic Israeli crimes against the Palestinian people, which are considered war crimes and crimes against humanity under international humanitarian law, international human rights law and the Charters of international tribunals, which are currently being committed Siege and large-scale incursions into Palestinian towns, villages and camps, banditry by military roadblocks, extrajudicial executions, attacks on civilians, demolition of their homes, destruction of property and persecution by the occupying army and extremist settlers.

The Council of the League has given the Israeli government full legal and criminal responsibility for these crimes, stressing the need to act to bring the perpetrators to prompt and speedy international justice and to support Palestinian efforts aimed at holding Israel, the occupying Power, accountable for its crimes Against the Palestinian people.

He stressed the need to provide all support and greetings to the steadfastness of the heroic Palestinian people on their land and their just and legitimate struggle in defence of their life, land, holy places and legitimate rights.

He also condemned the systematic and overt Israeli campaigns of incitement

Of Israeli government officials and extremist settler groups, targeting the Palestinian people and their national leadership, which have amounted to outright incitement to target the life of President Mahmoud Abbas, President of the State of Palestine, representing a declaration to assassinate the path of peace and eliminate a solution The two countries, and call on the international community to condemn these inflammatory calls and hold the Israeli Government fully accountable for its results.

He stressed the support of the right of the Palestinian people to exercise all legitimate struggles against the occupation in accordance with the provisions of international law, including peaceful popular resistance, and to affirm that the boycott of the Israeli occupation and its colonial regime was one of the effective and legitimate means of resisting and ending it and saving a solution Two.

The Council of the League of Arab States, the Arab Parliament, national Arab parliaments, institutions, the media and Arab civil society organizations called for effective action to expose the crimes of Israel, the occupying Power, against defenceless Palestinian citizens and to demand international protection for them.


The statement noted that the ongoing Israeli crimes, aggressions and incursions against the Palestinian people, their land and property, throughout the occupied Palestinian Territory, are aimed at the lives of Palestinian civilians and residential buildings, and the victims of this new Israeli aggression have killed dozens of martyrs and wounded Palestinian civilians.

The Council discussed the blatant Israeli campaign of incitement against the Palestinian leadership by officials of the occupying government and extremist settler groups.

The Council affirmed all its resolutions at various levels, namely the Summit, the ministerial and the permanent delegates on the follow-up to the political developments of the Palestinian cause.

The delegation of the State of Palestine presided over the meeting: The alternate ambassador to the Arab League, Muhannad al-'khlok, Counsellor Tamer El Tayeb, Counsellor Jumanah al-Ghoul, and counsellor Rizq Zaanin, all from the Palestinian delegation at the Arab League.


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